Recycling Program

We’re dedicated to a stringent recycling policy and making sustainable choices. Acrylics are part of a very smallnumber of mass produced plastics that can be de-polymerized back to their original chemical raw materials. The recycling process is so effective that it reduces the amount of waste going to landfill by 98%. If you wish to dispose of your Lucite and Plexiglass products, we encourage you to return them to our factory for recycling. Altrum is committed to cover all expenses related to the de-polymerization process, all we ask our partners to ship the products to our factory; we’ll do the rest.

How to Recycle Your Lucite

  1. Pack your products and identify the boxes with “Recycle my Lucite”
  2. Ship the boxes to your nearest Altrum factory

Altrum Honors
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Altrum Honors
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Thank you for being a great business partner, and for considering the needs of future generations! Find out more about Altrum’s initiatives towards a greener planet.