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Winter Wonderland

The Project

Our client was looking to celebrate a deal for a Utah-based ranch and distillery. The property is known for its luxurious amenities and splendid landscape in the Wasatch mountains. Minutes away from the famous mega-resort Park City, and with a deeply rooted country chic culture, there was lots of inspiration to create a unique deal toy!

The Inspiration

The location being a key factor in the company’s success was not to be neglected in the deal toy design. To incorporate this element, an image of snowy slopes was printed on Lucite, which was in turn carved according to the shape of each peak.

The company provided bottles of their own liquor, which Altrum personalized by etching the deal details on one side, and creating a custom western-themed label to put on the opposite side. The label included a kicking horse and a lasso with the name of the company on display.

To tie it all together, the project manager created a base on which the mountain range could rest, and which contained a groove precisely matching the circumference of the bottle to hold it in place, and allow the deal toy recipients to pick it up and put it back as they pleased.

The Results

The client was excited to see their vision come to life, and proudly gifted the finished deal toy to the parties involved in accomplishing the deal. The story does not tell if the bottles remained corked!

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