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Tropical Oasis

The Project

Lakeside village is a trendy residential complex located in Central Florida. To celebrate the acquisition of new apartments, our client wanted to create a 3D deal gift model of the property, such that the perspective would be the one of someone visiting the complex in person.

The Inspiration

The only tools the Altrum team had at its disposal to recreate the complex was a series of photos. It took time and immense precision to work with several separate photos to recreate the environment while ensuring that the end result was realistic. The art team made sure that the combination of the separate photos looked wholesome, and adjusted the size and angle of each one of them to attain the perfect perspective effect. The assembly process required precision and delicacy for each row of apartments to perfectly match the print on the Lucite base and align with the shape of the deal toy perfectly.

The Resuts

The client was delighted with the final product and Altrum’s ability to turn 2-dimensional photos into a beautiful 3D deal toy replica of the apartment complex. The deal toy turned out just as our client had hoped for!

Tropical OasisDeal Toy 112840