The Project

A client came to us to celebrate a debt transaction for the famous fast-food chain, McDonalds. What better deal toy concept than the company’s most iconic product – a burger. The complex nature of the transaction and its multiple layers were also a factor for consideration when designing the deal toy.

The Inspiration

Finding the perfect burger is not an easy task. Our client wanted the deal toy to neither be an exact replica, nor too far from reality. After ruling out Lucite and variations of pre-made burgers, we opted for a hand-made wooden piece with removable toppings. Altrum came across the opportunity to work with a local wood-working company operated by a couple. The man and his wife are keen to donate any profits to cancer research charity organizations. Thus, we chose to have them produce the wooden framework for the deal toy to support their generous endeavor.

The next step was to present the tombstone in a creative way. Because the deal had many layers, each part of the transaction was printed on the different toppings inside the burger. To finalize the presentation, we added a metal plate to the mahogany base to display the logos of the banks involved in the transaction.

The Results

The client was very happy with the unique deal toy and creative tombstone display. On top of gifting a fantastic closing gift to their client, the banks were also able to contribute to a good cause in the process!

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