Creating Custom Lucite Deal Toys

When hearing the world lucite, your mind can go a number of different ways. The term “lucite,” in recent years, has been used interchangeably with “deal toy” or “tombstone.” But the term actually refers to the material of the actual award. Lucite is essentially the trade name for acrylic. Other terms used for lucite exist. You might hear any of the following as well: glass, acrylic glass, plexi, Plexiglas, crylux. Lucite is mainly identifiable by being clear and colorless and can be shaped into many different forms. It’s high polish along with its ability to take any shape, makes lucite the perfect medium for your deal toys. 

Why Are Acrylic Deal Toys So Popular?  

As mentioned before, lucite is an extremely popular material used for deal toys. Why? Because lucite is truly is the chameleon of materials: colors of your choosing and be mixed into the actual lucite to make different designs. You can make it opaque, translucent, fluorescent, marbleized and even stone-like. The plus with this? You have an easier piece to work with. The weight of the lucite tends to be on the lighter side. In addition to this, acrylic is one of our most sustainable materials. 

Acrylic is 98% recyclable and can be turned back into monomer quite easily to create an array of other products. The biggest environmental footprint on deal toys is transport – because acrylic is a light material, it takes less fuel to ship it and thus it’s better for the environment.  Additionally, lucite is extremely resistant…if you drop a crystal, it’s game over! Lucite has the ability to chip of course, but it’s much easier to fix a chip.  

Lucite is the material for you for a number of reasons. As mentioned before, it’s more sustainable than other materials, extremely resistant, lightweight, and easily moldable. At Altrum, we have a plethora of different stock lucite shapes that can be customized for your deal or client. This tends to leave us with a quicker turnaround time. With that being said, don’t let the term “stock shape” deter you; it’s still customizable. If you have specific logos or color themes you’d like incorporated, that’s what they’re meant for!  

Have any crazy ideas? Maybe a spinning deal toy? We’ve got the answer, acrylic. Due to its lightweight composition, lucite allows our team to incorporate hinges into the design to create a moving aspect. How cool is that? Acrylic is also the only material that we can embed within. We take an image, or even an object or your choosing and embed it within the material. This will make it seem as if it’s floating. 

Here are a few examples. If you have a document or a press release or even a logo, we can print it and embed it within the physical deal toy. Let’s take that one step further… Do you have a specific object you’d like embedded? We can place the item (after testing it to make sure the item can withstand the heat of the process) within the lucite to see as if it is floating or suspended within the acrylic deal toy.  

These are just a few of the different forms and techniques we can use with the lucite material. With lucite, you can really dream up any unique or creative idea to celebrate your transaction. 

Let Us Take Your Lucite Tombstone to the Next Level! 

So, you’ve decided on the material and a theme you’d like for your next deal toy; this is where we come in. Take a look through our material gallery and let us know if anything catches your eye! We’ve love to jump into your creative process and make a lucite tombstone come to life for you and your team.  

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