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In celebrating your successful deals, let us help you create an outstanding financial tombstone.

A team of creative professionals at your service

A team of creative professionals at your service

Our creative team will take the time to thoroughly assess your needs so that your deal toy is something the recipient will cherish for a very long time.

With a team of over 40 artists from the top design schools, we make sure to stay ahead of design trends.

Whatever you can think up, we can create

The design possibilities are endless because each financial tombstone we create is completely customized to your specifications. Our superior craftsmanship will make your remarkable deal toy last forever. We can incorporate almost any material or accessory to make your deal toy as special as your team’s deal. We have also developed an expertise in the creation of custom awards.

Whatever you can think up, we can create
Google logo


Our client came to us seeking a deal toy to celebrate Alphabet. This is the parent company of Google, Nest, and several other companies, previously owned by Google. Here is an example of how we tackle the creative process to conceptualize an evocative deal toy for our clients.

Google Deal Toy


We follow your firm’s branding guidelines. In this case, our client uses the font News Gothic for all text. Google’s precise Pantone colors were adopted for the logo.


We recommended a circular shape to best match the “G” logo, for a visually pleasing effect.


A mix of shimmering crystal and natural wood exhibit the fun and modern culture of Alphabet.

It’s all in the detail

Your deal toy celebrates a transaction, but it also reflects the bond you share with your client. For this team, project code scrabble was an important element that came to life by placing actual scrabble pieces on a wooden base.

Let’s create your 3D renders!

Best of all, it’s free.

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